Think Fun Hoppers Peg Solitaire Jumping Game

Think Fun
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Tolvas está basado en el juego clásico de senku
Usa tus habilidades de pensamiento para encontrar la secuencia correcta para eliminar todas las ranas excepto la red One
Tolvas tiene 40 tarjetas de desafío van desde principiantes hasta expertos - crecer sus habilidades 'Til eres un experto
Este diseño caprichoso Hoppers hace un juego de viaje ideal
El juego es para un solo jugador

Hoppers is a great frog jumping game! Created by Nob Yoshigahara, hoppers is based on the classic peg solitaire game "The great thirteen". To play, set up the board according to one of the challenge cards, then use your thinking skills to find the right sequence to remove all the frogs except the red one. Frogs move from Lily pad to Lily pad only in the direction indicated by the inscribed lines on the play tray. When a frog is jumped over, remove It from the pond. The challenge is solved when only the red frog remain. Now get hopping. Hoppers has 40 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert - grow your skills 'til you're an expert. In no time at all...You'll be the smartest frog in the pond! This whimsical design makes hoppers an ideal travel game as the play tray top slides back to reveal storage compartment for the cards and frogs. Hoppers can be enjoyed by people of all levels of ability and experience, keeping children and adults entertained for hours. The game is for A single player and suitable for ages 8 and up.

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