ThinkFun - Turnstile, juego de ingenio (1003) , Modelos/colores Surtidos, 1 Unidad

Think Fun
Juegos de miniaturas
Mejor Precio:

Incluye tablero de juego, 40 cartas de reto, 4 piezas de colores, 4 piezas grises, 10 torniquetes y bolsa de viaje
Un gran ejercicio de lógica espacial y secuencial
Premiado con el Major Fun! Award, entre otros
Este laberinto con torniquetes que giran, mantiene la mente alerta durante todo el juego
40 retos de principiante a experto

This multi-level logic game will have your brain turning somersaults in no time. A variety of turnstiles and challenges provides endless fun as you push your way through to the goal. Select a challenge card and place the Tokens and Turnstiles on the grid as idicated. Move the Gray and colour tokens (up, down. left and right) one at a time to adjacent spaces around the grid. When a Token encounters a Turnstile, it may push through the Turnstile so that it rotates one quarter turn. When the colour tokens are in their matching corners, you win.The game contains 40 challenge cards ranging from beginner to expert that will stretch and sharpen your mind. The complete solution is printed on the back of each card if you get stuck. This game is all about fun, healthy brain play and helps with problem solving. This game makes an ideal travel game as it comes complete with a Game Go Bag so you can play anywhere, anytime. Tipover can be enjoyed by single players and suitable for 8 years and up.Turnstile Contains

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