Fashy 6530 - Bolsa de agua caliente con funda de fieltro, 2 L, color rojo

6530 46 2007
Botellas de agua caliente
Mejor Precio:

Apertura grande Extra. Material de inodoro y reciclable . Funda lavable y removible
Botella de agua caliente termoplástico Fashy es un ganador en cuanto a su manejo y diseño
Capelet Fleece tiene lazo frontal ; bufanda tiene detalle de la flor .
Fabricado a British Standard B.S1970 : 2006
Integralmente moldeado botella de agua caliente con el cuello sin juntas prevenir fugas

Do not use boiling water, even hot tap water can scald. Holding the hot-water bottle by its neck, fill carefully to a maximum of 2/3 to prevent any water from splashing back. Gently squeeze the bottle until water appears at the neck insert the stopper and tighten. Check that it is sealed. Avoid contact with hot surfaces, oil, grease and direct sunlight pointed and sharp objects. Do not allow anything to rest on the bottle. After use, empty the hot-water bottle completely and keep in a cool, dry and dark place. Uses: For relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing. Also effectively relieves pain when heat therapy is recommended, such as peristalsis and circulation problems, relaxation of muscle cramps, and relaxation of menstrual cramps. Not to be used for: Feverish conditions, inflammations etc. In case of doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist. Warning: Do not heat in a microwave or in a conventional oven. Hot water bottles may lead to burns, therefore avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Do not use with any added substances such as cooking salt, essential oils etc. If children use the hot water bottle, adult supervision is recommended. Check the hot water bottle and closure regularly for wear and damage. We recommend replacement after five years. Please retain the instructions for further use. The fashy hot-water bottle is to be used only for its intended purpose.

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