Smart IQ - Juego de ingenio IQ Puzzler (51324)

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Un juego de rompecabezas para un jugador
Ayuda a desarrollar la lógica, razonamiento, percepción visual y mejorar el pensamiento Cognitive
Hay cinco niveles de dificultad que van desde el arranque - Asistente
Hay 101 divertidos desafíos a completa en el desafío del folleto
Apto para adultos y niños de 6 +

IQ Puzzler is a logical 2D and 3D brainteaser for young and older fans of single-player brainteaser games and is a great way to test your spatial perception skills. It?s a compact game which can be easily stored away or placed in your pocket or bag when you?re on your travels out and about. There are 101 fun and exciting challenges for you to enjoy in 5 levels of difficulty ranging from Starter to Wizard. The challenge booklet includes a ?how to play? section for the 2D and 3D challenges, the challenges and the solutions. A quick ?how to play? the 2D challenges: (1) Remove all the puzzle pieces and place them on top of the opened lid. (2) Choose a challenge and place the puzzle pieces as indicated in the challenge booklet. (3) Try to fill the empty spaces with all the remaining pieces. The puzzle pieces that are shown in the challenge may not be moved! A quick how to play 3D challenges: (1)Remove all the puzzle pieces and turn the box over so that the square grid is on top. (2) Choose a challenge and place the puzzle pieces as indicated. The challenges show the layers of the pyramid where the puzzle pieces are placed. (3) Try to fill the empty places with the remaining pieces so that a complete pyramid with 5 layers is created.What makes this brainteaser even greater is that it is so compact and the challenge booklet can be stored inside the game box which makes storing easy and the perfect game to take with you. IQ Puzzler is suitable for adults, and children aged 6+. Smart Games are the fun and exciting single player brainteasers for boys and girls of all ages. Each game has a variety of challenges and difficulties to test your child?s skills and have been designed to help them improve their problem solving and memory skills.

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