Rexel Sola - Extraegrapas estándar, colores surtidos

Mejor Precio:

Extraegrapas para todas las grapas estándar actuales
Agarre de tacto suave para un manejo cómodo
Fabricado en metal y plástico, colores surtidos

Rexel's Sola Staple remover is a simple and effective device for removing all standard staples from documents and is currently available in either grey, red or black.This is an ideal staple remover for those who are regular users of staples. Sometimes removing staples can be a pain, but with a soft feel handle insert for comfortable operation, the Sola staple remover is fast, easy, and comfortable to use. So this is an essential desktop accessory for use in offices or schools, and since it is available in 3 stylish colours, you will want to keep it on your desk for everyone to see, and not just locked away in your drawer!

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