Duracell 123 - Pila especial para cámaras fotográficas, pack de 2

Mejor Precio:

Para cámaras digitales.
Pack doble.

Duracell Ultra Photo Lithium batteries offer a powerful solution for your APS, 35mm SLR, 35mm point & shoot, & digital camera needs.Duracell offers a wide range of Specialty Batteries. For long lasting power use Duracell in all your important devices.Duracell is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance alkaline batteries. Duracell also markets primary lithium and zinc air batteries as well as rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries.A high power lithium camera battery (usually for non APS cameras).Duracell Ultra Photo is an enhanced battery specially designed to get the best out of high powered, power draining gadgets. Its got more power, more efficiency to operate at full power for longer and more energy to last (compared to standard Duracell batteries, especially in high drain appliances). Please ensure you check you have the correct sized battery for your needs.

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